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Camp Parent Questionnaire

  • This camp parent questionnaire will be given directly to the cabin parents, (the adult staff who reside within your son /daughter’s cabin). Please assist them in making your campers stay more comfortable.
  • Personal Hygiene and Dressing

  • Other Personal Information

  • Please describe any napping habits including frequency and times.
  • Does your camper have any usual bedtime routines including reading a book, special snack, or other? Please describe.
  • Describe any useful details for your camper in regards to encouraging good behavior or discouraging poor behaviors.
  • Please describe any additional behavioral traits or suggestions that may be helpful for your campers counselors or staff.
  • Who should be contacted first in the event of homesickness questions or misbehavior?
  • Dogs, Dark, Storms, Etc...
  • Does your child have a friend attending that he/she would like to share a camp counselor with or bunk next to? If yes, please list their names in order of preference below. Generally we have 1 counselor for every 2 campers. Partners not guaranteed unless both campers list one another as their first choice.

    Any other friends or family members attending camp?