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Illinois State Knights Of Columbus
Councils: 735, 1288, 1369, 1555, 2191, 2601, 3738, 4053,  5573, 5918, 6090, 6710, 6964, 6993, 7247, 8002, 8365, 10325, 10575, 10678, 10958, 11027, 12497, 14171, 14649, 15119, 16011 and the Illinois State Knights of Columbus

Parker, Hannifin Grant

Christ Lutheran Church of Clarendon Hills, IL

Viet Now DuPage Chapter

We would also like to thank the following financial contributors…

Reed + Kathy Callahan (founders / Craft / Archery Volunteer)

Kevin + Joanne Callahan

Dan + Maureen Callahan

Kalin Doran (Volunteer Counselor)

John V + June C Guckien

Mady Klebenow (Counselor, Volunteer)

Peter Larson ( Staff, Volunteer)

Joan Lindquist (Staff , Volunteer)

Bill Mueller

Carol Pillsbury ( Staff,  Volunteer)

Howard and Dorothy Peterson (Cabin Parent Volunteers)

Ron Riley

Peter Vargulich

Special Camps would also like to thank contributors of donations in loving memory of Susan Johnson and Robert Hadraba.

Your donation to Special Camps, alongside our all-volunteer team, helps to keep the cost of attending low while sustaining high quality programming. Additionally, your support keeps programs accessible to the many families that depend on scholarships.

Thank you for supporting Special Camps participants and our families!