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  1. 10 years of Special Camps – By Laura Enk


    It’s been almost a decade since I first went to Special Camps. Each year there’s always one moment that sticks out in my mind. Sometimes it’s during a crazy dance party, or in between cannonballs at the pool, or shooting a bullseye with a camper for the first time at archery. I look around me and I’m just hit with that Special Camps magic. It’s the genuine, unconditional love of the campers, and the tireless efforts of the counselors to give them the best week possible. It’s witnessing the pure joy of people, who are often judged and outcast for their differences, in an environment where they are loved and celebrated for who they are as people. Continue Reading

  2. Special Camps 25th Anniversary – By Joshua Money

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPECIAL CAMPS!!! I LOVE coming to camp. I’ve come for 5 years and Awards.

    2014 (Best at Archery) That was my first time ever doing archery.
    2018 (Best Journalist) I was asked to write for the blog.
    2019 (Most Outgoing)

    We were called outside Sunday night and we caught our first leprechaun. We caught 4 leprechauns and had 2 leprechauns escape jail. The only way Miss Colleen would let the leprechauns go is if they (the leprechauns) gave us all of their Gold. At Kids week one of the leprechauns escaped on horseback. (this was a fact told to me by barn staff and confirmed by Miss Colleen). I was on a trail ride when this fact was told to me. I confirmed it with Miss Colleen when I got back from the ride.

    In 2014 I came to camp not knowing what to expect. I was very impressed. I’ve made alot of friends through Special Camps and I’ve stayed in touch with all of my camp friends through e-mail.

    The Blooze Brothers are alot of fun. The Blooze Brothers have performed at camp all 5 years I’ve gone. Miss Colleen surprised me this year she introduced me to The Blooze Brothers.