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Please review the list of NEW requirements below.
Everyone will show proof of COVID vaccinations or a recent COVID negative test upon arrival Sunday.
Social distancing will be important. We understand no one is perfect, but if not possible, please wait til next year.
Everyone must wear a disposable face mask covering both the mouth and nose while indoors, except when showering, eating or on your own bed. Masks will not be required while outdoors. If the Governor orders change, and masks are no longer required, (like in 2020), masks may be removed. If following the mask mandate is not possible, you’ll need to wait a year.
Here are some other changes you’ll notice at Special Camps.
We will have about 40% less people at camp. There will be frequent hand washing and disinfecting between activities and before meals. No bus this Year. Family will remain in the car for drop off Sunday and pick up Friday in late morning / early afternoon.

Please contact me for more info about our comprehensive COVID plan.
If you think your child qualifies for Special Camps and you would like an application, please email me and I can either email or mail the app. Limited openings even with the added adult camp. Applications will only be considered once everything has been completed, including the health from signed by your doctor.

Much Special Camps Love,
Miss Colleen

Colleen McDonald
cell: 630-212-1565


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