Special Camps Profile



Number of Years Attended


Years participated in

2014, 2015, 2017, 2018

Favorite Thing About Camp

I love EVERYTHING about camp.
I love meeting new people making new friends seeing old friends that I haven’t seen since the year before and doing all of the activities. I’m always sad on the last day of camp because I’m leaving my new friends and my old friends behind but I know that I will stay in touch
with them.

My Biography

My top three favorite authors are David Baldicci, Mary Higgins Clark, and James Patterson. All three authors are great writers. I love Mary Higgins Clark because she writes suspense novels and captures my attention from page 1 the same thing happens with James Patterson and David Baldicci. I love James Patterson because he has great characters. My favorite character that James Patterson has is Alex Cross because he (Alex Cross) is very resourceful.
I guess my enjoyment for writing came from my love of reading!