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Almost everyone does not know this. I have been going to Special Camps for 13 years and this is where it was held before it moved to White Pines Ranch.

I have so many memories from this place. Sleeping on the top bunk with no ladder as a little kid, only to realize that I needed someone to help get up and down when I needed to use the bathroom. The stinking up of the dorms with no AC after we had bean burritos for lunch. Me constantly wanting to drive the golf carts. Having lunch with paper plates and poorly made “bug juice” underneath an open-air tent. Eating at the restuarant with special decorations on the campsite. My first year when I was seven I kept crying for my mom but I was fine the following years. Going fishing and canoeing at the nearby lake. You can’t take those away from me. They’re too beautiful and it means a lot to me.


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