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My Week at Special Camps
By Joshua Money

Special Camps was established by Colleen McDonald in 1994. She wanted a place where children and adults with intellectual disabilities are not judged by how they look or what their disability is. Special Camps runs 2 weeks a year (adult week and kids week). All the activities are the same for both weeks. Some of the activities provided are:

  • 1.Riding Horses
  • 2.Grooming Horses
  • 3.Swimming
  • 4.Archery
  • 5.Dances/Parties (every night)

On Thursday night I watched some of the horses being released into the pasture to eat it was amazing. I am one of the lead around campers what that means is I have a White Pines Ranch staff member lead my horse Shooter around the trail. I
have a White Pines Ranch staff member behind me to keep me straight in the saddle. I have two counselors (or Colleen Mcdonald) walk beside Shooter just in case I lean left or right.

2019 will be the 25th anniversary of Special Camps. Colleen McDonald chose White Pines Ranch because it met all of the camp’s needs. The Knights of Columbus provide scholarships for campers and their families who can’t afford camp otherwise. The Knights of Columbus hold a raffle every year at the Special Camp’s Golf Outing. I have given a speech at the Special Camps’ Golf Outing for 3 years (2014 2015 & 2017).


  • Thanks for writing an article about Special Camps Josh. I can’t wait to hear more. Love, Miss Colleen

  • Jody Stepnowski says:

    Glad to read about the week at camp! My Joe was there, too, and had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing!

  • Debra Vines says:

    I love Special Camps. Thank you Ms. Colleen for your partnership and friendship. Your organization has allotted opportunities for children and adults in the developmental differences community like no other. Also Respite time for the families. The Answer Inc. loves you so much.

  • Mandy says:

    This is amazing! Josh you wrote this blog very well and I’m so happy you got to have this experience! Love the picture!

  • Martha says:

    Great article. How awesome for you Josh to be able to express yourself. What a wonderful writer you are.

  • Denise Scott says:

    Great article Josh! You did an excellent job describing your stay. I always enjoy reading about your adventures!

  • Linda Michalski says:

    Very impressive, Josh! Nice pic, too!

  • Bob Burns says:

    I know Josh well as a staff member where we work together at Spectrum Vocational Services. He’s an articulate and intelligent guy and it’s good to read his blog, filling us in about the activities at the camp. I hope that this is not the only entry in his narrative – this one was way too short!
    Bob Burns

  • Marquitta says:

    Well Written Josh!!! Wonderful Job!

  • Joanne Harper says:

    Josh, I am so happy to read about your experiences at camp… I always enjoy hearing you talk camp during your dental appointments… (love the picture too!!).

  • Jeanine says:

    Joshua, What an amazing writer you are! I love you. Aunt Jeanine

  • Roxane Pappa says:

    Awesome article Josh! Your description of your adventures are fun. Can’t wait to read more from you.

  • Roxane says:

    Way to go Colleen!! Great article Josh very well written. I like your photo too!

  • Jon Money says:

    Very well written, Josh! You did great! Can’t wait to read more!

  • Joshua Money says:

    I thought the blog turned out GREAT Thank-you Kevin and Miss Colleen for giving me this opportunity.

  • Terry Folliard says:

    Josh, it is always great to have you at camp. You are so happy to be there, and I can see you always have a great time. Thanks for writing this, as I appreciated reading it. I look forward to seeing you again next summer, Mr. Terry.

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