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Volunteering at camp this summer was so much fun! I had the opportunity to meet all kinds of great new friends that I hope to keep in touch with. Miss Colleen and I are currently looking for Staff Members, Counselors, and Campers that would like to participate in the growth of the Special Camps website!

We have all kinds of exciting plans for the site including creating a social place for counselors to keep in touch, a place for campers to keep in touch with other campers AND their counselors, and all kinds of other fun resources for the Special Camps Family! If you’d like to contribute or participate in the website forums, please email me at

Inspiration for the CAMPER column of the blog came from meeting my new friend, Josh Money, who I got to meet at camp this year. When I had the pleasure of meeting Josh, he was getting ready to interview Miss Colleen for an article for a different publication he works for based out of Downers Grove, and we recruited him to the team on the spot!

We hope you visit the website to hear about Josh, Josh’s camp experience, and to learn more about how you can participate in SPECIAL CAMPS FOR SPECIAL CITIZENS!

Kevin Sender

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